Aesthetic Plants: Beautiful Indoor Plants for Home Decor

snake plant in white pot on floor beside golden brown couch in earth tone room

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If you want to take your home aesthetics to the next level, consider incorporating some beautiful house plants in your living areas. Not only do aesthetic plants serve as your interior’s finishing touches, but they can also improve your mood and your home’s air quality.

Aesthetic plants are great additions to your home and can enhance your interior decor’s theme. Depending on the style you’re going for, you can choose plants that will give you earthy, floral, or chic vibes. Additionally, it will help if you chose plants that compliment your lifestyle and won’t be a hassle.

In these next sections, we will discuss why you should decorate your home with aesthetic plants and where to find them. Additionally, we will discuss which types of indoor plants will compliment your home’s design and how to care for your plants.

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Why Should I Decorate My House with Plants?

If you want to add some life to your home, you should consider incorporating some aesthetic plants into your living areas. They can add a unique touch to any room, and if you choose wisely, they can be easy to maintain.

In addition to this, plants can serve many other purposes besides being interesting room decor.

Besides enhancing your living areas, they can:

  • Purify the air in your home
  • Increase oxygen levels in your living spaces
  • Improve your overall mood, concentration, and creativity
  • Reduces noise levels in your home, act as a barrier
  • Helps to alleviate stress

When adding some pretty indoor plants to your home, you should know that the benefits are more than surface-level.

Before we dive into our plant recommendations, check out the video below for some inspiration and plant styling tips:

Indoor Gardening: Decorating with Houseplants

Choosing Plants For Different Aesthetics

The overall aesthetic of your home is a direct reflection of your personal style.

Choosing the right houseplants ensures that they will compliment your design instead of competing with what you already have going on.

Plants For Floral Aesthetic

pink velvet chairs around white round dining table with aesthtic plant in corner
Photo Credit: Andrea Davis, Unsplash

If you have a floral aesthetic, you probably have dreamt of living in a cottage in the mountains at least once. You love pastel colors such as lavender, mauve, and baby blue. You enjoy filling your home with gold and antique silver items, and you value their uniqueness. Additionally, you go head-over-heels for a bouquet that looks like it was picked from a mountainside.

For this aesthetic, you should incorporate some bright, flowering plants into your home’s decor. They will give your home a welcoming feeling and will make you feel like you’re living in a comfy cottage. Some great, low-maintenance flowering plants to include are:

  • African Violets – these are small, bright, purple, and lavender flowering plants. They are very easy to care for, and only require a tiny bit of water once a week. They bloom year-round and are best paired with small, light-colored pots to accentuate their bright colors.
  • Begonias – these are small, bright, pink flowering plants. They can also bloom year-round with the right conditions, and they are very easy to care for. They’re best for kitchen decor, as they love the sunlight. However, don’t place them right next to any windows, as any drafts can damage them.
  • Kalanchoe blossfeldiana – this succulent is a great addition to any home, and they look like something you’d see while running through a meadow. Their soft, white petals will perfectly complement your home’s interior. They’re very easy to take care of, and as succulents, they don’t require much water but love the sun. Unlike the previous plants, these succulents should be paired with bright, colorful pots or baskets to make them pop.

To achieve your floral aesthetic, you’ll want to look for flowering plants that have a lot of volume and a pop of color. These plants are usually very easy to maintain and can offer you year-round beauty.

Also, these plants look best in large numbers. While their pots or baskets should remain on the smaller end of the spectrum, they look best when paired with multiple pots to create a fuller effect.

Plants For Earthy Aesthetic

snake plant in white pot on floor beside golden brown couch in earth tone room
Photo Credit: Michael-Oxendine, Unsplash

If you have an earthy aesthetic, you probably enjoy the earth muffin, boho-chic vibe. Your home is probably filled with interesting thrift store finds, and you enjoy unique items that not everyone has.

You’re not into the flashy stuff, and you prefer to keep your furniture and decorations simple. Additionally, you like to utilize natural tones, such as amber, forest green, and tan.

For this aesthetic, you should incorporate some hanging plants into your living space. Hanging plants are unique and will certainly give your room a dreamy feeling. Some great, low-maintenance hanging plants to include are:

  • Snake Plant – (shown in picture above) – these are long, stripped leaves that rise to the sky. They are very popular because they’re so easy to care for and require very little maintenance. These are excellent bedroom plants and can be paired with large marbled pots to accentuate their beauty.
  • Arrowhead plants – these plants come in various colors, such as green, pink, and burgundy. They only require a little bit of sun and water, but they love the humidity and are best for bathroom or kitchen decor. You can suspend these plants in medium-sized, neutral-colored pots to allow their leaves to pop with color and dangle freely.
  • Burrow’s tail – these succulent plants look like long, dangling pine cones. They are excellent bedroom decor and are extremely easy to care for as they only require a bit of sun and water. You can keep these plants in a large hanging basket to help it pop.

All of these plants are easy to maintain and only require water about once a week. Be sure to hang your plants near the windows in your house, as this will easily provide them with nutrients.

Additionally, these plants are ideal for pairing with home decors such as round mirrors and self-portrait art. This will help tie-together you’re earthy aesthetic and enhance your plants.

Plants For Chic Aesthetic

aesthetic plant beside built in fireplace with white dotted and stripped shag rug infront of fireplace
Photo Credit: Andrea Davis, Unsplash

If you have a chic aesthetic, you probably love the modern trend for home decor. You enjoy all things that are shiny and new and lean more towards classic colors like white, cream, grey, and black. If you’re worried that plants will ruin your chic aesthetic, you should check out some of these succulent plants that will add a high-fashion touch to your room decor:

  • Air plants – these are plants that grow without soil. You can keep your air plants in hanging glass terrariums, and they only require a bit of water. You can purchase a small, misting spray bottle and water them about once a week. However, they love the sun, so don’t skimp on that.
  • Jade plant – these are small clusters of succulent leaves that string together to form an entangling pattern. They are very easy to care for and love the sunlight. You can pair them with small, square pots or baskets to highlight their uniqueness. Additionally, the jade plant will eventually sprout little white flowers that will pair with any home’s decor.
  • Zebra plant – like the snake plant, the zebra plant has stripes along with its long leaves. However, the zebra plant has smaller, thicker leaves than the snake plant, but they work well when paired together. Their contrasting features complement each other, and if potted in similar-looking containers, can create an interesting dynamic in your home.

To achieve your chic aesthetic, you’ll want to look for simple, interesting succulent and cacti plants. These plants are extremely easy to maintain and can accentuate any room decor.

Also, to achieve the chic aesthetic, you’ll want to keep these plants in some simple pots or baskets. Many colors can distract from their beauty, but colors such as white, grey, or black won’t distract from their essence.

Where to Find Aesthetic Plants

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and adopt some new plants for your home, you may not know where to begin. Should you go to a large department chain store? Or maybe a small, family-owned business?

The tried-and-true Lowes is always a great option, as they have a large variety of plants for you to choose from. At Lowes, you can get the plants, pots, potting soil and plant care tools; they’re a great one-stop-shop for all of your plant needs.

Additionally, you should consider checking out your local plant nursery for great finds and deals. You’ll be supporting local business, which is especially needed during our current times, and you may find some unique plant varieties that Lowes may be lacking. Your local nursery will also be a wealth of knowledge that will help you pick out the best plants for you and your space.

The Bottom Line

If you want to incorporate some vibrant plants into your home’s decor, first consider your interior design aesthetic. Then, you need to assess your lifestyle and how much you’re willing to dedicate towards keeping up with your plants.

All of the plants listed above are extremely easy to maintain, so no need to fret. These beautiful indoor plants will help you incorporate some life into your home and improve your overall air quality and mood.

best aesthetic plants for home decor
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