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Tropical plants can add vigor and vibe to any room, and indoor greenhouses are the best ways to ensure that your tropical plants get the light and humidity they need, no matter what season it is. Since these plants hail from the warmest and wettest parts of the world, a greenhouse can go a long way towards helping the home gardener emulate the natural environment.

So how do you determine which indoor greenhouse is best for you? Read on to learn more about some of the best indoor greenhouses on the market for tropical plants.

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1. The Ikea Greenhouse – Stylish and Minimalist

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The Ikea Greenhouse has the same smooth, sleek Nordic aesthetic as the rest of Ikea’s furniture, which makes it a great indoor greenhouse for incorporating into pre-existing interior design elements. The design of these indoor greenhouses is like traditional Victorian indoor terrariums and is formed by a metal frame with pane polyester inserts.

The white hue of this indoor greenhouse serves to help it integrate seamlessly into pre-existing interior design themes. The color also acts as a vivid contrast to the green foliage of the tropical plants inside. This makes it a great addition to just about any room!

The polyester inserts help to maintain warmth and moisture inside the greenhouse but are more durable than glass greenhouse inserts.

Here are some other features of the Ikea Greenhouse that make it a good option for tropical plants:

  • Roof vents: Roof vents allow proper circulation of air within the greenhouse, which helps deter disease and prevent mold. While indoor greenhouses are designed to help hold humidity in, the vent system helps ensure there’s not too much of it for the plants to handle.
  • Compact size: The small size of this greenhouse makes it easy to fit on tables and counters.
  • Easy assembly: The ease of assembly with this greenhouse model makes it simple to put together multiple units. This, in turn, allows gardeners to easily set up tropical plants in different areas around the home.

The Ikea Greenhouse is small and isn’t suitable for larger tropical plants, but for smaller tropical plants, this indoor greenhouse is the perfect fit.

Also, as a side note, the hard sides of this greenhouse make it an especially good choice for pet owners since it can deter cats and dogs from messing with houseplants.

2. Quictent Greenhouses – For Large Plant Collections

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For home gardeners who have a larger collection of tropical plants, the Quictent Greenhouse is 36-inches by 71-inches and is large enough to fit taller plants or even an indoor raised bed. The soft plastic sides of these greenhouses provide ultraviolet protection for plants while keeping them warm through cool winter months or frigid air conditioning.

The large size of this indoor greenhouse means that you’ll have to dedicate some space and time to set it up, but there is versatility in its size. You can use it to store all of your tropical plants for the winter or use it to display your indoor collection permanently.

Here are some of the other features of the Quictent greenhouse that make it a good choice for indoor tropical plants:

  • Side zipper door: The zippered side door on this greenhouse allows the home gardener easy access to the plants. This door can also be left open during warmer months to allow for increased circulation.
  • Large size: The larger floor space of this indoor greenhouse, compared to some, gives indoor gardeners flexibility on what species of tropical plants they can keep in their home. This greenhouse is big enough to hold tropical plants such as palms, as well as smaller specimens.
  • Quick installation and teardown: The speed that this greenhouse can be set up and taken down makes it a good choice for temporarily installing tropical plants indoors over the winter.

Because this is a larger greenhouse, it won’t be appropriate for every indoor space. But for gardeners with larger collections of tropical indoor plants, the Quictent is a great place to keep your plants contained and organized.

3. The TOOCA Mini Greenhouse – Best for Small Spaces

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For those who want to house a larger collection of tropical plants indoors but don’t want to dedicate a ton of floor space to it, the tiered design of the TOOCA Mini Greenhouse offers verticality. The vertical design lets gardeners house more plants in less space. In addition, because they are less spread out, these tower-style indoor greenhouses are easy to keep reliably lit.

Each shelf of this three-shelf greenhouse is estimated to hold eleven pounds, which means each shelf can safely hold several tropical plants without the risk of collapse. This mini greenhouse is also a good option for propagating smaller tropical plants such as succulents.

Here are a few of the other design traits that make the TOOCA Mini Greenhouse a good indoor option for tropical plant owners:

  • Sturdy, difficult-to-tip design: With its heavy-duty wire shelving and its steady, balanced design, this greenhouse is suitable for long-term or permanent indoor installation.
  • Adjustable shelves: The shelves in this greenhouse can be adjusted. This allows gardeners to customize the size of the greenhouse to fit it into small spaces more easily and accommodate different sizes of tropical plants.
  • Easy setup: A simple installation process makes this a mini greenhouse that is suitable for beginning indoor gardeners.

The lightweight polyvinyl and thin metal design of this mini greenhouse may be too fragile or flimsy for some gardeners’ preferences. For many, though, the TOOCA Mini Greenhouse is the perfect plastic oasis for their tropical plant collection.

4. The ElegantLife Terrarium – Good for Small Plants

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For indoor gardeners who keep smaller tropical plants, such as succulents, larger indoor greenhouses may take up too much space.

The perfect greenhouse for your plants will coincide with the size of plants it will house. A smaller terrarium style indoor greenhouse such as the ElegantLife Terrarium is a great choice for those gardeners who want to keep their tropical plants in a modestly-sized old-school glass enclosure.

The design of this terrarium draws from the original style of the Wardian case that was first designed in the mid-1800s for high-class Victorian nobles to display their botanical curiosities. Modern-day gardeners can bring this same sophisticated flair to their own homes by keeping their tropical plants in this attractive resin-and-glass terrarium.

Here are a few other aspects of the ElegantLife Terrarium that make it suitable for tropical plants grown indoors:

  • Intricate frame design: A traditional, delicate design allows for a high degree of visibility so you can always get the best possible view of your tropical plants.
  • Small size: The dimensions of this terrarium fit into many places around the home, adding a spot of greenery to any indoor area.
  • Hinged roof: A hinged roof, complete with durable hardware, allows the terrarium to be vented easily for circulation.

Since the ElegantLife Terrarium is one of the smallest indoor greenhouses on this review list, it won’t be big enough to hold all tropical plant collections. But for those who specialize in collecting smaller specimens, the ElegantLife Terrarium can be a stylish way to display them.

Indoor Greenhouses Keep Tropical Plants Tidy & Healthy

No matter what type of tropical plants you grow in your indoor garden, an indoor greenhouse can be a visually organized way to display them in an environment which also helps them to thrive. For more finicky tropical houseplants, a humid environment and warmth can be the difference between death and survival.

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