10 Best Succulents For Your Office

Best Succulents For Office

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Offices aren’t usually the most visually exciting places, are they?

There’s a lot of white and gray going on and, if you’re lucky, some generic pictures on the walls; usually with some sort of inspirational quote written along the bottom.

So how can you brighten up your office without bringing in a team of painters and decorators? An easy and affordable solution is plants: in particular, succulents. Below, you’ll find a list of the 10 best succulents for office desks and workspaces.

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Why Succulents Are Good Office Plants

These little pots of joy can bring a splash of color into any dull space and liven it up with minimal effort.

Most succulents don’t need much maintenance, as their turgid leaves retain a lot of moisture for long periods, meaning you don’t have to water them regularly.

Another great aspect of succulents is that many (not all) of them are happy chilling out in semi-darkness, making succulents an excellent choice for an office with no windows.

If you intend to grow succulents in an office with no windows, you’ll want to ensure you use well draining soil and do not over water. Try to move your succulents every now and again to get some natural light if possible, or substitute with a grow light.

Basic Care Tips for Office Succulents

While succulents are about the easiest plants to take care of, they’re not made of plastic, so they do still need a little love and attention.

Making sure they have the correct soil is important for keeping your succulents happy, as well as keeping them clean.

Simply wiping them with a damp cloth occasionally is enough to ensure they don’t get dusty and continue to thrive.

Watering them according to the season is also imperative: they’ll want more in Spring and Summer than in Fall and Winter. Makes sense!

Finally, check your succulents for bugs regularly, to make sure your new little buddy doesn’t have any unwanted visitors.

For a more in depth guide on how care for your succulents, check out this article: How To Grow Succulents Indoors.

So, now that you know all about why succulents are good for the office and how to care for your succulents, let’s take a look at the 10 best succulents for your office:

10 Best Succulents For Your Office

01. Zebra Cactus

haworthia succulent in terracotta pot in front of white brick wall

Known also by its proper name of Haworthia, the Zebra Cactus is a miniature succulent and is in no danger of getting out of hand. It only grows a few inches tall and doesn’t spread out much either, so will sit happily on your desk without getting in the way.

This striking plant has pointed, almost aloe-like leaves with amazing, white stripes running across them horizontally.

Try and allow this little succulent exposure to sunlight where possible to help strengthen the leaves and give them a more vibrant glow.

As with all succulents, don’t over water the Haworthia, especially if it doesn’t receive any sunlight most of the time.

Another strong contender for the best succulent for your office desk.

02. String of Bananas

String of Dolphins

The string of bananas succulent is happiest in a bright, sunny spot but will tolerate partial shade. Just keep an eye on it in summer months, and move it if it’s getting blasted with the intense afternoon sun.

A wonderful name for a wonderful plant! This succulent definitely works best in a hanging basket, where its banana-shaped tendrils can hang down freely, giving a woodland feel to your office space.

Water the plant when the soil is completely dry. Try not to over-water it, as this will lead to “root rot” and your little bananas will turn black.

Place this easy to care for succulent in a basket of on top of a cabinet, or have the hanging bananas coming down from the ceiling, to bring a little waterfall of greenery into your workspace.

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03. Snake Plant

Variegated Snake Plant

Snake plant is an extremely popular and versatile succulent that deserves pride of place in your office.

It’s popular for a reason: it’s eye-catchingly beautiful and is considered almost indestructible, meaning it could be the perfect plant for offices with no windows.

Music to your ears, right? The snake plant can survive happily in low-light conditions as well as brighter zones, and is very forgiving of infrequent watering, which will no doubt please busy office staff.

Keep this plant away from extreme sunlight and avoid over-watering to bring out the vibrant color in its long, winding, green leaves.

While you can choose to keep your snake plant as a small, desktop version, it can also be allowed to grow to a few feet and create a beautifully decorative floor piece for your office.

04. Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis Succulent

The mistletoe cactus, also known as Rhipsalis, is an easy-to-grow succulent that comes to you all the way from the rainforests of Brazil.

An unusual looking cactus with cylindrical stems, it produces a maze of miniature, green tubes that will grab your attention without a doubt.

This succulent benefits from a little sun in the mornings and doesn’t require lots of water. In fact, as its origins lie in the humid rainforest of South America, it will be more than happy receiving a lot of its moisture from the air.

Mistletoe cactus looks great in a small pot (with drain holes), but also stands out beautifully in a hanging basket.

It’s easy care and love of moist conditions could make the mistletoe cactus the perfect succulent to brighten up your office desk, or even your office bathroom.

05. Crown of Thorns

group of red, white and pink flowering crown of thorns

One of several succulents native to Madagascar, your office will benefit from almost constant color as the Crown of Thorns blooms year round.

The small, twiggy branches spread outwards to present thick spoon-shaped leaves, which do contain a little sap, so be careful not to snap them and get sticky hands.

Its name derives from the thorns that grow on its stem, so again, a little caution is needed when handling this plant.

Caring for the Crown of Thorns is fairly simple, but remember that by giving it a sunny spot, you will be rewarded with more flowers throughout the year.

When the soil feels dry about an inch or so below the surface, you’ll know it’s time for some water.

This plant would be perfect to brighten up a window sill in your office.

06. Flaming Katy

red-orange flowering kalanchoe succulent

Flaming Katy, also known as Kalanchoe, is possibly the best known of all the succulents; even children have heard of this pretty little plant.

With an array of vibrant colors presented in beautiful, miniature bouquets, it’s not hard to see why everyone loves a Flaming Katy.

They can be planted together to create a bold splash of colors and liven up your office in seconds, or you could choose to dot them around in cute little pots to bring a little vibrancy to everyone’s workspace.

It will grow better under lighter conditions, but do avoid leaving her in direct sunlight for too long. Even these resilient little leaves can only take so much. Keep them fairly dry only watering occasionally.

07. Hens and Chicks

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This curious little succulent would make a great addition to any workplace.

Hens and chicks consist of leaves that form a rosette, not too dissimilar to a cabbage; don’t let that put you off though.

They really are pleasing to look at and look fabulous in a larger display pot where they can spread out, or even kept small in individual, decorative containers to give your desk an interesting focal point.

In colder periods they will stop growing and lie dormant until the heat returns. During this dormancy stage, be careful not to over-water and rot the roots.

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08. Sunrise Succulent

sunrise succulent

This little beauty could be the best succulent for your office desk.

Place your sunrise succulent in a suitable-size pot and watch as the plant creeps slowly over the sides, keeping you company at your desk while you work.

Its cute pale green and pink leaves grow into rosettes that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every day of the working week.

This slow-growing succulent doesn’t want much from you and is happiest in a partially-lit area with no direct sunlight.

These succulents are truly fascinating, and at first glance they seem more like colored pebbles than plants.

09. Ponytail Palm

ponytail palm

The Ponytail Palm is a quirky plant that at first glance looks far more like a miniature palm plant (the word is even in its name!) but it’s actually a succulent.

This is a really striking plant, with crazy leaves that do resemble a bit of a bed-head ponytail, and a big bulbous base where it stores all its water.

The ponytail palm will add a tropical feel to any office space. It can grow quite large, so it’s best placed somewhere you can really show it off.

It loves the sun too, so placing it by a window or in a sunny corner is probably the ideal spot to let this lovely, crazy plant shine.

10. Lithops

Lithops Living Stones

Often called “living stones“, these unique pebble-like plants are an excellent conversation starter.

Arrange them in a large ornate pot and top the soil off with some tiny stones to really bring them to life.

Try positioning your lithops in the reception area of your office to give your visitors something interesting to look at while they wait.

Lithops are incredibly easy to care for, and don’t require much water as they can store enough moisture in their leaves to survive for months at a time.

Plants are an essential part of our lives: they not only clean the air we breath and absorb nasty toxins from it, but they also provide us with fresh oxygen and wonderful scents.

It’s no wonder we all love to decorate our homes and workplaces with trees, plants and flowers.

There is a succulent available for every nook and cranny in your office. From the reception desk to the bathroom, and everything in between, a well-placed succulent can add a splash of color and life to even the dreariest of corners.

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