Decorative Baskets for Large Plants

woven seagrass large decorative basket with monsterra plant inside

Houseplants have become one of the biggest trends in home decor this year and we’re loving it!

We especially love the way large floor based plants look when planted inside a large neutral colored basket.

With the right decorative basket for your large houseplant you can easily transform a dull boring area in your home to an on-trend, vibrant focal point.

Use large floor based houseplants to easily fill an awkward empty space in your home.

Whether you’ve chosen a palm plant, fiddle leaf fig or any other tall growing plant, you’re sure to find the perfect basket below.

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Why Use A Decorative Basket For Your Large Plant?

The reason we love using baskets for large plants is that they allow for the plant to be kept in its original container or repotted in a boring cheap pot.

All you need to do is purchase a basket big enough to cover the container.

Things to remember:

  • Snake plants
  • Spider plants
  • ZZ plants
  • Pothos
  • Fiddle Leaf Figs
  • Aloe Vera
  • Succulents

Our Top Picks

We know there are a ton of decorative baskets for large plants out there to choose from.

To make things easier we’ve compiled a list of our favorites and added a little note with our suggestions of which plants look great in each basket.

Reversible Birch Plant Pot Cover

More colors and patterns available.
Looks fab paired with a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Photo Credit: Restoregrace – Etsy Shop

Dahey Small Cotton Rope Plant Basket

Pair this beautiful basket with your favorite palm
such as a Majesty Palm or Areca Palm.

BlueMake Woven Seagrass Belly Basket

Opt for all natural color or two tone charcoal and natural.
Looks fantastic with a Birds of Paradise planted inside.

La Maia Medium Natural Woven Plant Basket With Handles

This basket had me at the tassels. Great for your bohemian decor.
Because of the depth of this basket you’ll want a tall mature plant – possibly Money Tree or Umbrella Tree.

Sisal Woven Tribal Wicker Plant Baskets

This tribal pattern looks ah-mazing paired with a large climbing pothos. Simply add a narrow trellis to your pot to keep your pothos upright.

handmade wicker plant baskets mixed browns tribal patterns
Photo Credit: Marawoven Baskets – Etsy Shop

Velvet Plant Basket

Although not necessarily for large plants we couldn’t resist including these.
Use for your taller succulents – a pony tail palm is our pick.

Rose gold, brown and tan colored velvet plant baskets
Photo Credit: Alamaisonco – Etsy Store

Jute Belly Plant Basket

The perfect match for any decor.
Place a Peace Lily inside for a simple yet sophisticated look.

Wicker Planter Basket

The trusted wicker basket is a favorite planter for many.
This planter looks good with pretty much all plants but if we had to pick just one we’d go with a Weeping Fig for a nostalgic look.

Medium sized natural wicker planter
Photo Credit: WoodHistory – Etsy Shop

Leepes Natural Corn Husk Cotton Rope Basket

This soft, lightweight plant basket will look gorgeous in the
corner of your living room.

Try it with a Rubber Tree, the basket will perfectly hide the ugly pot your plant came in from the store saving you from replanting if you choose.

Vintage Mud Cloth Planter

Available in various sizes and colors.
Add a low maintenance ZZ plant to these funky baskets for a fun look.

black and white mudcloth small plant baskets
Photo Caption: ParkSidePlace – Etsy Shop

Seagrass Planter Basket For Indoor Plants

If you’re looking to create a eco-friendly vibe, this is the basket for you!
Match it with a vibrant payer plant to help clean the air in your home.

Large Jute Cotton Rope Plant Basket

Create a chic modern vibe in your 2 piece bath with this stylish planter.
Toss in a cast-iron plant which can tolerate low light conditions and will grow 2-3 feet tall.

We love hearing from you. Drop a comment below with which of these decorative baskets for large plants is your favorite and what type of plant you’ll put in it.

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Decorative Baskets For Large Plants

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