10 Decorative Indoor Plant Hangers (and where to hang them)

light pink pot inside leather plant hanger with vine flowing out top of pot

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Hanging Planters For Your Houseplants

When decorating our homes, we tend to focus on the floors, walls and furniture, leaving the ceilings neglected.

These decorative indoor plant hangers will help showcase your favorite sprawling houseplants and fill that eye level and up space that has always felt empty.

Choosing a planter can be overwhelming due to the large selection available. We’ve rounded up our current favorite decorative hanging planters to help make it easier.

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Boho Hanging Planter (set of 2)

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These Boho inspired hanging planters from Mkono come as a pair; 1 diamond shape and 1 circle. The simplicity of these hanging planters are a perfect match for your mid-century decor. Their elegant yet simplistic look will add a modern feel to your room. No need to worry about getting pots that fit as these come with 2 perfectly sized white plastic pots. You can leave the pots as is, or paint them to match the other colors in your room.

Decor Tip: Hang these decorative indoor hanging planters from your ceiling, approximately 2 – 3 feet out from the wall. Adjust the ropes so one hangs longer than the other. The top of the lower hanging basket should line up with the middle of the higher one. Top with any of these trailing succulents.

Mkono Macrame Plant Hangers (set of 3)

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These gorgeous macramé plant hangers for indoor plants come in a set of 3 adding texture and dimension to your interior decorating. Handmade from 100% pure cotton cord, they are flexible yet strong, able to accommodate various pot sizes and weights. Each hangs at different lengths and pair well together for a unique look.

Decor Tip: For a laid back look, hang a sturdy natural birch branch or drift wood from the ceiling. Then use wooden rings or an S hook to hang each of the 4 macrame hangers from the branch. This looks stunning in front of a large empty wall in a living room, or open hallway.

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter

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By suspending planters on a metal rod, this Triflora hanging planter makes it simple to water and display houseplants on your wall, instead of taking up shelf space. These sturdy melamine planters fit standard 3-inch diameter plant pots, so there is no need to worry about repotting. This decorative indoor hanging planter is ideal for small plants such as succulents.

Decor Tip: This three piece planter looks gorgeous hanging in front of a kitchen window. Plant a variety of herbs in each pot for a creative and conversational piece.

Hoobbii Metal Plant Hanger

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For a classy, yet elegant look check out this 6 inch oval gold colored metal plant hanger. Since the pot area can easily be detached and removed from the chain, it makes for easy watering. Just remove the pot, water your plant as required and replace, no need to stand on a chair and risk spilling onto the floor. The wrought iron material is rust resistant, sturdy and can be used for hydroponic growing (the process of growing plants directly in water – no soil).

Decor Tip: Hang in a bathroom above an open tub, add your favorite ivy or other trailing plant that will fill the pot and elegantly trail over the edges towards the tub.

Timeyard Macrame Indoor Hanging Planter With Shelf

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This charming macrame hanger is one of the most versatile hanging planters for indoor plants.  Made of warped cotton cord decorated with raw wooden beads, it has an oiled chestnut timber shelf (base). This hanger is sturdy and robust. The wooden shelf also has a flower pattern cut out in the bottom adding an extra decorative touch when hung from a tall ceiling. This multipurpose plant hanger is perfect for displaying your beloved cactus, succulents and small herbs. Or if you’re running out of areas to display small home decor, this is an excellent choice as it won’t take up any existing shelf space.

Decor Tip: Hang in an empty corner in your bedroom. Add 2 different sized pots of your favorite succulents then add your large good vibe crystals to create a calming environment.

Natural Seagrass 2 Tier Hanging Basket

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A two-tier hanging basket display, handmade with 100% natural seagrass. The strong rope design is sturdy yet flexible. Your baskets may be shipped flat but you’ll easily be able to reshape them, giving them a more natural look. The beige tones also give these baskets an earthy look, on point if you have farmhouse style decor. These hanging baskets have a built in plastic liner but it’s important to note that you should not plant directly in the basket. Place your plant in a pot with drain holes, then place the pot inside the baskets. The plastic lining will catch any water that spills out, keeping your basket safe from water damage.

Decor Tip: Place a vertical growing plant in the smaller top basket. Add a flowing vine style plant, such as this Calico Kitten Crassula, for a sunning look inside the lower larger basket

Genuine Leather Plant Hanger

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This leather indoor plant hanger is made from high-quality genuine leather; soft, breathable and sturdy. The hanger can be suspended from a hook in the ceiling or against a wall. The leather straps measure approx.. 30 inches long and 0.4 inches wide, and it will fit various flower pot shapes and sizes ranging 4-12†in diameter. This plant hanger is available in 8 colors, including Black, Red, Coffee, Green, Tan, White, Dark Blue, Lake Blue. This handmade leather plant hanger adds the ideal modern touch to your indoor plants.

Decor Tip: Leather is an excellent way to add a sophisticated look to any space. Create a timeless aesthetic by hanging this genuine leather plant hanger inside your home office in a corner area behind your desk, visible while on conference calls and webinars.

Speckled Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants

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This simple and sleek pair of speckled hanging planters is a perfect way to enjoy your favorite hanging plants indoors. These plant hangers are designed with four pre-drilled drainage holes which most indoor plants need for a healthy living environment. There is a water reservoir at the base catches any excess water which helps prevent your plants from being overwatered. Made from sturdy biodegradable plastic and ordinary stone powder, these planters are lightweight making them easy to hang from any ceiling or wall. The concrete-like appearance provides these hanging planters a natural look without the weight.

Decor Tip: Hang from a metal wall bracket in front of a window in your living room or bedroom. Add a spider plant that has an abundance of leaves yet open enough to show off the beauty of the pot.

Modern Boho Hanging Planter

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This modern boho hanging planter is made of a mix of brass-plated hoop, pinewood, and macrame rope, resulting in a truly unique piece for your home. If you’re going for a boho chic vibe, the hanging shelves will add an attractive touch to your living room or bedroom. Best suited for smaller plants.

Decor Tip: Hang two of these planters side by side, with one slightly lower than the first in the corner of your bedroom beside a window. When the sun shines in it will illuminate the brass, creating an eye catching reflection that is sure to brighten your day.

Mkono 2 Pack Macrame Plant Hangers

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This pair of vintage-inspired macrame plant hangers adds a contemporary touch to your living space. The versatile design and natural color will embellish any area of your home. Handmade using jute material, it is sturdy and robust. Hanging at 40 inches in length, this decorative indoor hanging planter is ideal for pots (not included) 8 inches in diameter. This hanging planter has a robust stretchy woven design that is on point with today’s trends.

Decor Tip: Hang as a pair, one on each side of large picture above a couch or bed, flush against the wall. Plant a trailing indoor plant such as this string of pearls.

Plants For Your Indoor Hanging Planters

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