50+ Cute & Funny Plant Sayings For Every Occasion

plant sayings painted on white terracotta pots: you grow girl, don't stop be leafing

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Spruce Up Your Pots With These Punny Plant Sayings

We LOVE gifting plants as often as possible.

To help personalize each plant we gift we started painting cute and funny plant sayings on each plant pot or gift tag.

These have been a huge hit among our own friends so we know your friends will love them too.

Whether you need a make up gift, best friend gift, have a crazy plant mom in your life or are just looking for a unique gift idea, you’re sure to find the perfect plant saying to pair with a beautiful plant or succulent.

Turn your plant gift into an easy DIY project with this list of 50+ cute and funny plant sayings you can add to any plant pot.

Or, use the suggestions listed under general to spruce up your own plant pot decor.

These also make super cute letter board sayings to add in your plant corner and give your guests a chuckle when they visit.

If you have a plant saying we should add to this list, drop a comment below.

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Plant Sayings


Blame it on my roots

Grow with the flow

I need a drink

Plants are my soil mates

Pot it like it’s hot

I dig plants

Pot head

I’m thirsty

Bloom there it is!

Don’t soil yourself

Just add water

High maintenance

Go ahead, soil yourself

Keep it in your plants

Pot head

Say aloe to my little friend (aloe vera)

Aloe-lujah (aloe vera)

Aloe there (aloe vera)

Hope your birthday is on point (cactus)

Kiss my cactus (cactus)

Don’t be a prick (cactus)

Can’t touch this (cactus)

S’up succa (succulent)

For succs sake (succulent)

Succ it (for succulents)

You say goodbye, I say aloe (aloe vera)


I’m rooting for you

You grow girl!

I beleaf in you

Lets root for each other

Keep growing

Oh the places you will grow

Don’t stop beleafin’

I’m your biggest fern

Grow through what you go through

Grow at your own pace

Ready, set, grow

I will survive

Grow as you are

Get to the root of it

I already have plants mug
Best Budds
Thank You Tag


Smarty plant

You’re so ferny

You’re unbeleafable

I’m sexy and I grow it

Big hair don’t care (ponytail palm)

Lookin’ sharp (cactus)

Pretty fly for a cacti (cactus)


Talk dirt to me

Plant one on me

I’m frond of you

I dig you

Grow old with me

Love grows

I’ll never leaf you

You make me wanna sprout

I’m a succ-er for you (succulent)

My life would succ without you (succulent)

I’m ready to take it from “cacti” to “cactus” (cactus)

I’m glad I pricked you (cactus)

Sorry I was a prick (cactus)

Me so thorny (cactus)

You prickle my fancy (cactus)


Sorry I was a prick (cactus)

Cheers to fronds like you

Thankful for fronds like you

Best fronds for life

Work will succ without you

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