5 Best Soil Moisture Meters for Houseplants (no more guessing when to water)

5 Best Soil Moisture Meters for Houseplants | Plantiful Interiors

Keep your plants alive longer with one of these best Soil Moisture Meters for Indoor Plants

The most common reason people struggle to keep houseplants alive is they either overwater or underwater their plants.

To help you know when to water your indoor plants, we strongly recommend purchasing a soil moisture meter.

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Whether you’re a new or seasoned plant parent, trying to keep up with the watering schedule of all the plants in your home can be a headache.

So, in this post, we’ll cover the 5 best soil moisture meters for houseplants so you can stop guessing if your plant needs water.

Start knowing exactly how much water to give your plants, keeping them alive longer.

What Is A Soil Moisture Meter?

Before we dive into our top soil moisture meters for indoor plants, it’s important to understand what is a soil moisture meter.

A soil moisture meter is a tool used to measure the moisture content in the soil of your plants.

You can use a soil moisture meter to determine if your plants need water or if they have been given too much water.

Moisture soil meters are excellent for testing the moisture level of your plant’s soil right down to the root area where you can’t always reach by hand.

5 Benefits Of Using A Soil Moisture Meter For Indoor Plants

  • Know when to water your plants
  • Measure moisture content at the root level
  • Won’t damage plant’s roots
  • Makes caring for indoor plants easier
  • Saves money in the long run (not replacing overwatered plants)

Know when to water your plants: Soil moisture meters take the guesswork out of knowing when to water your plants.

Measure moisture content at the root level: It’s important to know how much water is actually getting to the root level.

Some soil may be retaining too much water, while other soil types may be preventing water from soaking all the way through.

A soil moisture meter will help you determine if the water is getting to the bottom root level or if too much is staying at the top.

This will also help you know if your soil needs adjusted.

Won’t damage the plant’s roots: Many plants have fragile roots.

You want to do your best not to damage your plant’s roots which can happen when you poke and prod your finger around trying to determine if the soil under the top layer is wet.

If you hear a ripping sound when poking around, you are most likely breaking that plant’s roots.

If too many of the roots get damaged, especially on a plant that hasn’t matured yet, your plant may die.

A soil moisture meter has a thin probe.

Once it’s inserted into the soil we recommend leaving it there, allowing the roots to grow around it.

Makes caring for indoor plants easier: As mentioned earlier, one of the most common causes of death in houseplants is over-watering or under-watering.

You may be tempted to water your plants if the top feels dry but this could end up having an adverse effect if the bottom of the pot is still heavily soaked.

By placing a moisture soil meter in your plant’s soil, you’ll be able to better monitor the soil content from day to day making it easier to care for your plants, knowing when they need to be watered.

Saves money in the long run: Plants can be expensive and it’s super disappointing when your new plant dies within weeks of bringing it home.

Knowing when and how much water to give your plants will help keep your plants alive longer, saving you from spending money to constantly replace your plants.

Purchasing a soil moisture meter for plants has made caring for plants much easier, especially for new plant owners.

The 5 Best Soil Moisture Meters for Indoor Plants

1. XLUX Soil Moisture Meter

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Soil Moisture Sensor Meter Water Monitor

Why We Love It:

High level of accuracy.

Easy to use.

Excellent quality.

The accuracy and reliability of this soil moisture meter have made it a favorite amongst plant owners for good reason.

Not only is the large display easy to read, but you will also get instant results once the meter is inserted into the soil.

The color-coded system will let you know the moisture level of your plants at the root level and is a more accurate test than using your finger.

Simply stick the probe into the soil when you want to measure the moisture (do not leave the meter in the soil when you are not testing it).

The probe of this plant measures approximately 6.5 inches in length making it suitable for measuring the moisture level in most houseplants.

Although this soil moisture meter is made of good quality material and can be used on outdoor or indoor plants, it is not to be used in hard soil.  

2. Sustee Aquameter

Screenshot 2024 06 22 at 2.11.29 PM

Aquameter House Plant Soil Moisture Meter

Why We Love It:

Compact design.

Measures all the way to root level.

Can be left in for continuous monitoring.

These convenient sticks have been saving plants for both seasoned and new plant owners for years.

The compact design makes this plant moisture meter easy to hide amongst the foliage of many houseplants or blend into the greenery.

The Sustee Aquameter comes in both white or green in three different sizes (small, medium, and large).

We love these sticks even more since they introduced their award-winning design that now allows for the core measuring piece to be replaced; making them more environmentally friendly.

We have had our sticks for some years now and they are still measuring the soil’s moisture level accurately making them excellent value for your money.

Check out this video on how to use a Sustee Aquameter to monitor the moisture level in the soil of your.


3. Hathdia Moisture Meter

Screenshot 2024 06 22 at 2.32.28 PM

Soil Moisture Meter

Why We Love It:

Measures moisture level.

Do not require batteries nor electricity.

Helps you decide whether the plants need water or not.

Helps to keep plants alive.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This soil moisture meter with its analog display is specially designed for testing the moisture level in the soil.

So it helps you decide on whether the plants need water or not, thereby helping you to keep your plants alive.

To use it, you insert the water meter probe into the soil to the plant root level, and the indicator pointer will show you the readings immediately.

The single 7.6” long probe sensor is very sensitive and suitable for large potted plants.

This soil hygrometer can not only be used for potted plants indoors, but it is also a great handy tool for outdoor garden, farm and lawn plant care.

Please be aware that this soil moisture meter is designed for soil only, can not be used to test water or other liquid directly.

4. Atree 3 in 1 Soil Tester Kit

Screenshot 2024 06 22 at 3.03.51 PM

3-in-1 Soil Meter Tester Kits

Why We Love It:

Does not require batteries.

Can be used indoors and outdoors.

High level of accuracy.

Measures light and pH levels.

Not only is the amount of water your plants get important, so is the amount of light and the ph level of the soil.

The Atree 3 in 1 Soil Tester Kit measures all of those components, making it a best seller amongst plant owners.

This soil tester kit will help you determine if your indoor plants need water, if they should be moved closer to or away from light and if your plant requires additional fertilizer, all key to keeping your plants alive and healthy.

You will appreciate the ease of use this tool brings with its analog display and the ability to measure soil up to 6 inches deep.

Always test your soil in a few different areas and remember when you water your plant to water all the way around the surface, not in just one area.

5. Simple Conserve AM Conservation Group Ladybug Indoor & Outdoor Soil Moisture Meter

Screenshot 2024 06 22 at 3.17.11 PM

Ladybug Indoor & Outdoor Soil Moisture Meter

Why We Love It:

Adorable design.

Measures soil ph, moisture and light.

Single probe; less invasive to roots.

Great for teaching kids measurements and plant care.

The Ladybug Indoor & Outdoor Soil Moisture Meter not only accurately measure the moisture in your houseplant’s soil, but also provides a way to involve your kids in the process.

You can use this tool to teach children how to care for plants, reading measurements, and deciding if more water should be added.

Wrapping up the 5 Best Houseplant Moisture Meters

Our top pick for the best soil mostire meter goes to the XLUX Soil Moisture Meter.

However, using any one of our 5 recommended soil moisture meters will take the guesswork out of when you should water your plants.

Invest in one today and save yourself the headache of banking on your memory!

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