10 Best Bedroom Plants To Spruce Up Your Decor

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Your bedroom should be the most relaxing, personal space in your home. A place where you can unwind, break free of the everyday demands and just breathe.

Whether you’re preparing for a full bedroom makeover, or are just looking for a way to spruce up your existing bedroom décor, adding the best bedroom plants are a must and will help you create the perfect bedroom sanctuary.

Not only are plants beautiful to look at, but they can actually be beneficial to your health. They clean the air, absorb nasty toxins and can even improve your mood and reduce stress.

Hands up if you could use an extra (low cost) stress reliever.

So, now that you know you definitely need to add some plants to your bedroom, let’s have a look at what is the best plant to have in your bedroom.

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Here’s our picks for the 10 best bedroom plants

01. Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Devils Ivy Live Plant

If you’re someone who often forgets to water their plants, don’t worry! The Golden Pothos is a hardy little plant that needs little attention.

Possibly one of the easiest plants to grow and take care of, this simple green vine plant with heart-shaped leaves will wind its way delicately over your book-shelf, or up the side of your mirror, adding a pop of green everywhere it goes.

Choose from different varieties of the plant. Definitely a strong contender for the one of the best bedroom plants!

02. ZZ Plant

ZZ plant

Could this be the perfect plant?

Quite possibly.

Its small, waxy, vibrant leaves can tolerate drought-conditions (for the forgetful house plant moms among us) and has been proven to clean the air around it so well that NASA even studied it.

This plant is beautiful and very low-maintenance. If you go on holiday and forget to give it some water before you leave, it’ll forgive you!

ZZ Plants are originally from Africa and are used to very dry conditions. They don’t grow to be too tall, so you won’t have to worry about it taking over your bedroom or having to re-pot it every few months, and they’re resistant to most pests. Is there anything this plant doesn’t do?

Just keep it out of reach of children and pets, as the plant does have some properties that can irritate the skin.

03. Boston Fern

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The Boston Fern is cute, quirky and makes it look like you’ve got a little woodland right in your bedroom. Popular since the 19th century in the UK, the Victorians fell in love with this sweet, bushy plant because it thrived in their dimly-lit homes.

If your bedroom doesn’t get much light, or only gets it partially throughout the day, a Boston Fern could be the perfect fit for your room. This little fern does have one request though – please don’t let her dry out! She loves it humid, so mist her once a week to stop her leaves drying out, or place her in the bathroom while you have a shower. Simple. She’ll be so grateful you did, and will keep your bedroom looking pretty and fresh as a ‘thank you’.

04. Spider Plant

BelleDecorDesigns Spider Plant

If you’ve never heard of a Spider Plant, don’t panic; they don’t look anything like the eight-legged little beasts with the same name!

These are pretty, unassuming plants that like nothing more than sitting on a brightly-lit windowsill and adding a little extra greenery to your room.

There are so many varieties of this plant it would take forever to name them all, but they are recognizable by their long, slim leaves which are usually pale green and white.

They clean the air around them and are so harmless that you can actually eat them, although we have it on good authority that they’re not the tastiest treat. But rest assured, your kids and pets won’t get any nasty surprises if they decide to see what a spider plant tastes like!

05. Lavender

bunch of dried lavendar in small tin bucket

Bring a splash of purple into your bedroom, along with the familiar scent of lavender.

There’s a reason we use lavender-scented products in our homes so much; the smell has soothing properties and can aid with relaxation and sleep. Lavender has been proven to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress, meaning you’ll get an even better night’s sleep in your newly decorated bedroom.

The plant itself is also stunning, with tiny purple flowers that you can even dry and use for potpourri. Gorgeous, fragrant and relaxing: lavender is a great choice and tops our list as the number one best plant to have in your bedroom.

06. English Ivy

hedera helix ivy plant

Another purifier, English Ivy is a great choice for keeping your bedroom’s air clean and crisp. We’re talking about the best bedroom plants, right?

This little vine will add color anywhere you place it by gentle wrapping itself around lamps, frames or even your head-board. As an outdoor plant, it’s got a reputation for being a bit aggressive (you’ve seen it stretching far across brick walls and engulfing abandoned buildings) but fear not; as an indoor plant, it will be a humble, polite guest in your home.

Keep it in a relatively small pot and it won’t grow too much, or put it in a hanging basket and simply trim her tresses when they get a little too long.

07. Date Palm (Phoenix Palm)

bloomscape date palm alt clayshow?id=j3Mhh4EknYA&bids=778323

The Pygmy Date Palm, also known as Phoenix Palms, are some of the oldest cultivated plants in the world.

These are one of the best indoor palm trees that people love because they’re striking, hardy and easy to take care of. They look beautiful in the corner of any room, or can be placed on a dresser or table to completely stand out. Their bright green, spindly leaves are wonderfully eye-catching and will add a touch of the exotic to your bedroom.

Being tough little trees means they can also withstand most indoor environments, so you can place them pretty much anywhere.

08. Peace Lily

flowering peace lily in green growers pot

This stunning, low-maintenance plant is a firm favorite with lovers of tropical evergreens all over the world.

The Peace Lily’s eye-catching white spathe (that’s the flowery part!) rises above each individual stem, creating a candle effect against the deep green foliage. It’s this part of the flower that gives the Peace Lily its name, as they’re said to resemble peace flags.

It’s not just aesthetic beauty that makes this one of the best bedroom plants; the air-cleaning properties of this plant actually help to cleanse the air around us.

All they ask for is light, partial shade and a little water about once a week, or when it shows slight signs of drooping. A peaceful piece for your peaceful place!

09. Areca Palm

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Another plant with a recommendation from NASA! The Areca Palm is a stunning plant and is another air-purifying champion, which even has the ability to absorb and destroy carbon-monoxide particles.

This little warrior is originally from Madagascar but was later cultivated in India and, as such, enjoys warm climates. Also known as the Betel Nut Palm, it’s completely harmless to children and pets and its tall, slim figure is an elegant addition to any bedroom.

If you’re into Feng Shui, you may well have already heard of the Areca Palm, as it’s considered a lucky plant that brings wealth, peace and prosperity into your home. Can you think of any reason you wouldn’t want to include one of these in your bedroom decor?

10. Rubber Plant

frondandfolia ruby variegated rubber plant

The rubber plant comes in a variety of species. The one featured here is a ruby variegated rubber plant; a real statement piece with its large, waxy leaves, strong reaching stem and variegated leaves mixing green and pinkish-red. If allowed, it can reach several feet and will make a real impression when your guests enter your bedroom.

If you prefer something a little more modest or understated, you can keep them in smaller pots, to restrict excessive root growth. They like to be kept out of direct sunlight and like to live in well-draining soil. Finally, did you know that the Rubber Plant has medicinal properties? It contains mucilage, which is also found in Aloe Vera and some varieties of cactus, which can aid digestion and help with stomach problems, as well as soothing skins rashes and irritations.

But, if you have pets in the house, opt for this artificial version as this plant can be toxic to your four legged-friend.

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